Board Members

Ashleigh Cardinal (she/they)

Ashleigh Cardinal (She/They) is passionate for community development and cultural revitalization. With roots in Whitefish Lake First Nation and Kikino Metis Settlement, she brings a deep understanding of Indigenous perspectives and traditions to their work. With a focus on cultural preservation, Ashleigh is dedicated to passing down traditional knowledge and practices to future generations. They are deeply involved in initiatives aimed at preserving and celebrating Indigenous culture, including traditional tattooing, multi-disciplinary art, and Indigenous research methodologies.
As Chair of E2S Board of Directors, Ashleigh plays a role in supporting the organization’s growth. Their journey includes graduating from the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership Enhanced Mentorship Program (IWCL) through the Coady Institute, demonstrating a strong commitment to community empowerment.They believe in abundance-based community development, emphasizing the strengths and resources within all communities. Through their work, Ashleigh seeks to address the impacts of intergenerational trauma by fostering healing spaces and promoting cultural revitalization initiatives.
As Vice Chair on the Premier’s Council for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls, and Two-Spirit plus people in Alberta(PCMMIWG2S+), Ashleigh is committed to addressing the disproportionate and underreported experiences of gender-based violence within the Two-Spirit and Indigenous LGBTQQIA+ Community. Through their advocacy, Ashleigh ensures that marginalized voices are heard and represented in efforts to combat systemic issues affecting Indigenous communities.

Gena Marshall (she/her/they/them/nekm)

Interim Treasurer

Gena (pronounced “Genna”) is a proud tapuiwjijaqamijit (two spirited) pansexual L’nu mother. She is a status member of Potlotek First Nation, Nova Scotia. Also known as Chapel Island, her reserve is the cultural cradle of the Mi’kmaw people and a national historic site. Gena has lived all over so-called Canada and is grateful to currently thrive in Amiskwaciywâskahikan (ᐊᒥᐢᑲᐧᒋᐋᐧᐢᑲᐦᐃᑲᐣ). Gena makes an effort to connect with the land daily, whether by cycling to work or taking her family for a walk in the spectacular river valley. She is a water protector and treaty defender who works to balance her responsibilities as a visitor to Treaty 6 in the spirit of reciprocity.

Although she is far from her home territory, she is fortunate to have her immediate family close by and Gena honors them by hosting a family dinner every Sunday. Reclaiming traditional parenting practices is very important to her so she keeps her young children close and involves them in adult life as much as possible. She is on a path of decolonizing her daily life by honoring her ancestors in many ways, including drumming, singing, beading, sewing and powwow dancing. She is also learning the Mi’kmaw language with her children with the goal of becoming fluently trilingual. During Gena’s time on the E2S board, she hopes to embody lateral kindness by uplifting others and encouraging everyone to live their most authentic life. By co-creating an environment of peace, friendship and community joy we can better support each other and share our gifts with the world.

Ryan Buffalo


Ryan Buffalo is a Two Spirit artist hailing from Samson Cree on Treaty 6 territory. Renowned for their Powwow dancing and artistic prowess, Ryan has made significant contributions to the Two Spirit community. Their journey as a trailblazer began when they assumed the role of Two Spirit International Warrior from 2011 to 2012, showcasing resilience and leadership on a global stage. In 2019, Ryan achieved another milestone by being crowned Miss Montana Two Spirit, a testament to their grace and representation of their community. Currently, Ryan serves as a dedicated board member of the Edmonton Two Spirit Society, channeling their passion for community into meaningful action. Through various roles and engagements, Ryan continues to uplift and empower the Two Spirit community, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of Indigenous Art and 2LGBTQ+ rights.

Sianna Bulman (she/they)


Sianna Bulman is a Queer, Gender-Non-Conforming member of the Metis Nation of Alberta, who resides in Treaty 6 territory, Metis Region 4. They hold a Bachelor of Arts from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Social and Cultural Studies, with their research focused on experiences of racism in Canada. Their interests include socio-political analysis, environmentalism, and baking and pastry. They have contributed to various community advocacy initiatives ranging from climate actions to cultural festivals. Between championing social causes, Sianna enjoys a good hike with their dog, taking various courses and classes, or baking homemade pastry.