About Us

Our Vision

Two Spirit peoples are recognized, respected and engaged in an integral manner, within Indigenous communities and society at large.

Our Mission

To re-establish and enhance our traditional roles and responsibilities as Two Spirit people in Indigenous communities while creating supportive environments within all societies for contemporary Two Spirit peoples.



  • Provide social, health, and/or cultural programs and services primarily for our 2Spirit, IndigiQueer and/or Indigenous LGBTQIA+ communities
  • Foster networking, knowledge exchange, training and mentoring between 2Spirit, IndigiQueer and/or LGBTQIA+ community members and leadership
  • Increase access to public services for Indigenous trans and non-binary people, gender non-conforming and gender diverse individuals
  • Provide a community gathering space and resources for 2Spirit, IndigiQueer and/or Indigenous LGBTQIA+ community members
  • Organize and promote 2Spirit, IndigiQueer and/or Indigenous LGBTQIA+ community celebrations
  • Create gender affirming spaces within ceremonial settings