Traditional Arts Coordinator Announcement

Traditional Arts Coordinator Announcement

The E2S Board of Directors and Staff are pleased to announce E2S’ new Two Spirit Traditional Arts Coordinator, Coral Madge. Coral is joining our team to assist with our cultural arts programming. They will support our beading and other arts-based activities available to our members and community. With their various training, including teachings received from Ruby Sweetman at Portage College, Coral is an incredible asset to our team.

Coral Madge (they/them or he/him) is a 2Spirit Deh’cho Dene and Woodland Cree artist with Métis ancestry. They specialize in Traditional Arts of the Treaty 6 and 8 lands. They have completed the native arts and culture certificate program at Portage college with honours as well as the Native Artisan Entrepreneurship Diploma.`Coral has skills in a variety of mediums and techniques such as quillwork, tufting, fish scale, hide tanning, beadwork, embroidery, sewing, footwear, basket making, painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, and sculptural welding.

Coral’s personal work includes investigating traditional patterns and designs used by Dene and Cree artists that came before.

Having a passion for artifacts and indigenous art history they strive to teach not only the art form but how it has changed throughout history and the impact on culture. As a two spirit artist they uphold their responsibility to their community by teaching these skills and passing them on to other community members and the next generation. They know that when we do what our ancestors did, it creates connection and a path for generational healing.

Please join us in welcoming Coral to this new role with the Edmonton 2 Spirit Society.

Coral Madge (they/he)
Traditional Arts Coordinator, E2S